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Service fees


-Free tickets, other 0€ tickets: no servicefee
-Tickets under 10€/ticket: 1,50€/ticket
-Tickets 10 - 29,99€/ticket: 2,00€/ticket
-Tickets 30 - 59,99€/ticket: 2,50€/ticket
-Tickets 60 - 99,99€/ticket: 3,50€/ticket
-Tickets 100€ or more/ticket: 4% - 6% of ticket price

Invoice fee: 5,90€/invoice - NetTicket invoice

Postal fee: 5,90€/sending

Change of tickets: 10€/change (play, places, ticket type etc.)

Servicenumber 0600 399 499: 1€/minute + lpc
(mon - fri 9 - 21, sat - sun 13 - 21)

All service fees are non-refundable if an event is cancelled.
The organizer is responsible for refunding the purchase price of the ticket.

All prices include VAT.