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Mobile ticket

When you buy a Mobile ticket you will get the ticket as a text message, a HTML-ticket and by email (as an PDF attachment). The service fee is starting from 1,50 €/ticket (incl. VAT 24%).

The Mobile ticket is delivered to you as a text message and has the most important information in the text. There is also a link to a HTML-ticket, which is the official Mobile ticket. The HTML-ticket includes all the information you will need in order to get into the event. The Mobile ticket includes a bar code  that can be checked on entry with a bar-code reader. An Internet connection is needed for your mobile phone,  in case you choose to use the Mobile ticket. You will also get the Mobile ticket by email as an PDF attachment.

It is possible to forward the Mobile tickets, so if you buy several Mobile tickets at a time you can forward them to other members in your group. Keep in mind that the tickets are checked at entry, so tickets may not be forwarded to several people. You will be able to enter only once with each Mobile ticket.

Open the Mobile ticket before arriving to the event by clicking the link in the text message. We recommend to check the functionality of the link well before the event, so that possible problems can be avoided.

An example of a Mobile ticket: