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Checkout and payment

There are three verifying stages at the checkout, after which you will pay the tickets either as an online payment or by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

1. Delivery information

Choose the delivery method; e-ticket (email PDF ticket and mobile ticket) or mailticket. 

Press Continue in order to move to the next stage.

2. Payment information

The payment options are an online bank identification payment or payment by a credit card. Smartum online, ePassi, Edenred, MobilePay,, gifcard are also available as paying methods. 

If your purchase is over 20€ then you can also choose Jousto-invoice which gives you 30 days credit. The invoice will be sent 14 days after purchase. 

Choose paying method and move to the next stage by clicking Continue.

3. Summary / Order Confirmation

At this stage you can check that all details are correct. You can make changes by choosing Shopping cart from the menu.

If you bought tickets with a discount (e.g. a student), you need to be prepared to present a certificate at the entrance.

Check your ticket details carefully before paying. Paid tickets cannot be changed or refunded.

Before confirming the order, you have to check that you have read and understood the privacy statement for 

When you are ready, press Confirm Order button, and you will get to the online payment system.

Online Payment

Nordea's online bank payment is used as an example in making an online purchase payment.

Login to the system by using your user ID and password. Continue by clicking OK.

Enter a free message for the transaction, and a verifying code to the lower corner on the right. Continue by pressing Confirm.

You will see the transaction on the screen and you will then automatically return to the service site.


You can pay with gift card to all events online. With an organizers giftcard you can only buy tickets to the event that the organizer has for sale. The giftcard that can be used in the webshop has to to have a ten sign long code to work.     When you’ve added the tickets to the shopping cart, log in to your account or choose the alternative to buy without registration. Next, choose the shipping method. When you’ve come so far that you must choose the payment method,  choose the payment method you would want to use in case the amount on your gift card is less than the total amount of the tickets. Continue. Enter the gift card code in the box on the summary page.  If the amount on your gift card is more than the total amount of the tickets, you can use it again for your next purchase. You can also use multiple gift cards in the same order.  If the gift card amount is less than the total amount of the total ticket amount, pay the remaining amount with the payment method chosen earlier. Check the box that you have understood and read the privacy  statement and proceed to payment by confirming the order. The tickets will be sent to you according to the chosen shipping method after the payment is completed.


4. Finished

Your order is now ready.

We will send the receipt and the electronic ticket to your e-mail and mobile phone. If you chose mailticket as delivery, you will get the ticket per mail shortly.

Print out the ticket from your e-mail or show the mobile ticket at the door, both will grant you entry for the event.